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Birth Control

There are two main types of birth control pills: combined methods which contain both an estrogen and a progestin, and progestogen-only methods which contain only progesterone or one of its synthetic analogues (progestins). Combined methods work by suppressing ovulation; while progestogen-only methods reduce the frequency of ovulation. Hormonal contraception is highly effective: when taken on the prescribed schedule, users of hormone methods experience pregnancy rates of less than 1% per year. Currently available methods can only be used by women.

Générique Alesse

Alesse Générique est utilisé pour prévenir une grossesse.
€ 1.13

Générique Desogen

Le Desogen Générique sert à empêcher la grossesse.
€ 1.20

Générique Yasmin

Yasmin Générique est une contraception pour empêcher la grossesse.
€ 3.12
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